About Us

Quality Screening and Window Repair was founded in 1974 as a service and repair company, specializing in the repair of windows, doors and pool cages. As time has elapsed, the ability to procure repair parts has become more difficult, forcing Quality to alter its original purpose.


As a result, Quality has become a window and door replacement company first and foremost, with screen work and window and door repair work following a distant second and third respectively. This change has forced Quality, in an almost positive purpose, to embrace the team concept on all of its projects. As Quality moves forward, we will continue to use the best possible products we can, while keeping the customer's satisfaction at the forefront.


We will continue to embrace the team concept with attention to the customer's desires, and our desire to provide the best products and services possible.

Quality is a State of Florida Licensed General Contractor. This licensure allows Quality to perform work in an unlimited capacity, therefore assuring our customers the widest range of options for their projects. This also provides our customers with the peace of mind that they have chosen a reputable company that has met the stringent requirements established by the State of Florida.